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Heyyy 22 inch 411 orchard corset! I love the feel and spring of it, no flaws in the corset, it’s been moulding to my shape well even while seasoning. Even just the plain black satin is lovely and I have worn it outside my clothes every time I’m outside the house! Makes me feel lovely mentally and physically.

I’ve learned that I definitely need a corset made for me…because nobody got corsets for these hips and curves OTR. Begin saving ready go. But all in all I love it and my back already feels approx. 8432568x better in the corset.

At the moment 38-25ish-40, I’m pretty excited for my figure to look even more ridiculous(ly awesome) in the future as I waist train. Began talking to a couple people about getting a bespoke corset :DDD happy Hanukkah/Christmas/late birthday to me!

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    You look great!! There’s nothing like an OTR to make you want a custom.
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    :333 thank you so much! I try to feel good about it, mostly I succeed. Finding clothes is too hard though I’m always...
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    Wowowowowww! You are simply fabulous~ very gorgeous figure, dearie!
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    Your figure does look awesome, have fun with your corset :3 -Aurelia
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