Living life to the fullest

Stealth corset ootd! Each time I lace in it seems easier and easier, I tried sleeping in it yesterday and all was fine; consistent at 23.25-23.5 the past few days as my stomach problems are acting up again and I didn’t want to push it. Delighted to be corseting while on vacation visiting my grandma, although I didn’t want to deal with the family about it. There’s been enough drama already and I’ve been staying well out of it so far. Perfect hot weather corset cover!

Very happy as all of my family complimented my dress, which I got at Marshall’s for about $10 as I recall? And I got to talk with my grandma for a long while, I’ve missed her so much and am happy to be here to celebrate her birthday. Every time I see her I’m reminded of what an inspiration she is to me, so smart, independent, accomplished. I’m very proud to be her favorite (just don’t tell the others lol).

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    There’s definitely enough to share and you’re welcome to some! It’ll be even worse/better when I get a bespoke corset...
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    Gurl gimme yo hipspring plz.
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    Thanks so much!!!
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    awww you are too cute! Love this outfit!
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    My partner is way too cool. Also hot as hell.
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